Integral crypto failed to initialize secure device

integral crypto failed to initialize secure

I even have an thrilling hassle with a brand new Integral Courier USB 256 bit AES Hardware Encrypted 2GB Memory Stick which fails to Initialize steady device. However, I can insert some other Integral Courier USB 2.0 256 bit AES Hardware Encrypted 2GB Memory Stick and it works as predicted every time. But USB 2.0 & USB isn’t always the choices handiest difference, I also noticed that the Total Lock software appears to be exceptional versions but shouldn't reason any problems with Sophos

So some lower back floor on our setup – I am the use of Sophos Enterprise Console v5.four.1 with rules. I even have added this pc to the choices Sophos Exempt OU in AD and feature checked the choices tool manage coverage to ensure that the proper coverage is running to permit get admission to for this Integral Courier USB three.0 Memory Stick. In the tool manage coverage window, you have got 2 tabs Configuration Tab and the choices Messaging Tab, within the Configuration Tab the choices Optical Drive is ready to Read Only and Yes for Exemptions. The exemptions whilst viewed are for the choices Model – HL-DT-ST-DVD-RW GU90N, Device identification is about to ALL, with Access degree set to Full Access. This config appears to work for my USB Integral Courier USB MEMORY STICK however no longer the choices USB version. If I forestall the Sophos Device Control Service beneath Services.msc and take a look at my USB three.0 version Integral Courier USB MEMORY STICK it works whenever, so some thing in the Sophos config is inflicting the problem.

I actually have study that the Integral Courier USB 256 bit AES Hardware Encrypted 2GB Memory Stick is supported beneath Sophos Enterprise Console. Please let me realize if you want any more information and I might be glad to provide greater information if wished.

Hope you can help ????

no entries inside the Device Control log or Events inside the console?

the Integral Courier USB 3.0 256 bit AES Hardware Encrypted 2GB Memory Stick is supportedwell, not explicitly as far as I can see but you’ll expect that it ought to be. Do whilst the choices USB3.0 model got here out? Device Control have to be port agnostic (and thrilling exercise would be to plug it into a port) however how the choices stable device gift itself would possibly make a distinction. How does the HL-DT-ST-DVD-RW GU90N come into play right here? Are you announcing the CD/DVD thing of the model presents itself with this Device ID? If so, the only for the choices model might be different.And do I understand successfully that Secure Removable Storage is set to Full Access?

Thank you in your rapid response, not sure when the USB version became released however am now in contact with Integral so will ask them and come again to you on that one.

I even have checked all logs and events on the console and there may be not anything to head on, nothing in any respect which could be very unhelpful.

The tool works with the aid of creating partitions whilst attached to both a Microsoft Windows® primarily based PC or to an Apple Mac® laptop. The first partition seems as a CD power HL-DT-ST-DVD-RW GU90N  for the choices USB tool which runs a program(known as Total Lock) immediately from the tool. The 2d partition is the password protected information pressure onto which files can be transferred. Data can handiest be accessed in this pressure once the best password is entered thru the Total Lock application. The CD force is examine best and no documents may be transferred to this partition. Integral AES 256-bit USB Flash Drives have 0 footprints, with out a software program installation required and a people pleasant interface that makes the usage of the choices force simple and easy however does now not compromise security.

The HL-DT-ST-DVD-RW GU90N is the choices CD/DVD factor for the choices USB2.0 version and affords itself with this Device ID? so, sure the one for the choices three.0 model might be special.

You are correct that Secure Removable Storage is ready to Full Access.

Its peculiar that its not reporting or complaining approximately tool control ??? Why would it not work for one stick (usb 2.0) however now not the other (usb ?? 

Hope you may help

no longer reporting or complainingnot sure if an occasion is sent to the console when DC sets get entry to to R/O (because it may be the choices case if the has a unique Device ID) – this might cause the issue even though even as the choices partition is R/O anyway (I've seen issues with “real” DVD drives – or as an alternative, their drivers – once they had been set to R/O)).

So can we call it a trojan horse then ? and if so who takes possession…. Sophos or Integral ?? – How are we able to progress this if we deem it to be an trouble ?

Thank you for your assist !!!

no event for the choices is certainly … not very helpful. But at least it looks like it's the CD/DVD partition. Off the choices top of my head (I'm at domestic) – did you switch on verbose logging in DC (most effective feasible on the choices endpoint). Also the choices services typically provide hint or debug logging (would have to check the following day). Sophos Support is clearly an option, revel in tells that the better you understand the difficulty the faster you could get a solution – now not constantly the preferred even though. Afterwards this forum appears to be an area for escalation if you could't get it on the usual channels.